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Tips for Updating Your Profile

Once you have created and logged into your account, please be sure to check the following:

  • Review/update each person’s profile in your household.
    Each person has his/her own individual profile which is also connected to a household record.  If you want to separate adult children into their own household record, please notify the church office.
  • Fill in every field you are willing to share with us.  Please do NOT enter a Prefix such as Mr./Mrs. or a Middle Name, unless you have a common name that may be confused with someone else.  You may enter multiple phone numbers and email addresses.  Every person in a family who wants to access the portal will need his/her own email address to set up an account.
  • Choose what is OK to display in the Online Directory. You must check “Yes” under every person's profile in your household to have them included in the Online or Printed Directory.
  • Enter each person’s birthdate.  Birthdates never display in the Online Directory.  They are used internally only and are important for our demographic records.
  • Change or Add Household and Individual Photos.  We appreciate you adding these on your own.  Individual pictures help staff and lay leaders make a visual connection to group members in classes, etc.  A closely cropped headshot displays better in the Individual photo; a 4x6 landscape photo works best for the Household photo.
  • You can add other forms of contact information.  By clicking on the +Add button you can add more email addresses and phone numbers or other links such as Facebook, etc.

Please note that your giving information is also tied to your individual and/or household record.  This information is only viewable to you under your unique Username/Password.  Within households, spouses can view their family giving record using their unique Username/Password as well.

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