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Ron and Diane Gullman

Pastor Ron is launching a ministry with ReachGlobal in equipping pastors and church leaders primarily in Ethiopia/East Africa.

Biblical Pathways – a ministry of ReachGlobal
“Pastor’s Training Network – Training the Trainers”

Reproducible Training of Pastors and Church Leaders
The church is rapidly growing across the world. It has created issues for the church as many pastors are preaching and teaching with little to no training. Our motto is "Training the Trainers" and we equip national pastors and leaders who in turn reproduce the training to as many levels of pastors as possible. This kind of training is transforming church health in numerous places in the world.
We teach practical methods of studying and preaching God’s Word to 8-16 national pastors and teaching leaders in 3 - 5 day courses. After they multiply the training to others in their country, we then return with another 3 to 5 day session. We do this a total of 9 times in 3 years so that pastors can study the Word well and preach and teach biblically.
Because available study resources are limited and because often times the majority of pastors needing this training may have limited education this training only requires a copy of God’s word in a language the trainee knows and their ability to read and study with understanding (this may be about a 4th to 6th grade level of reading ability).
Additionally, this training is done intentionally without the use of technology in small groups and is very interactive. The training begins with limited lecture and moves quickly to discussion, participation and practicing what is being learned. Everything that is being learned can be taken and reproduced immediately by the trainees.
One group in India started with 16 national trainers. The training has multiplied to over 1000 pastors. Another group in India is passing on the training to at least 7 groups, plus their own churches. Multiple teams of trainers in Uganda have the potential to train hundreds of pastors. Training is occurring or being developed in Kenya, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica, Congo and more.