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The more you know about God the more awestruck you will become, and the more awestruck you become, the more you will worship God.

The Savior on the Shore

Reflections on John 21

A Multi-Ethnic, Missional Church

Vision Sunday

How to Pray with Faith

How to Pray with Faith

Right Thinking, Right Purpose

Reflections on Isaiah 6

A Heart for Hopkins

Prayerwalk Sunday

ReCOGnizing Jesus

Luke 24:13-35

Easter 2017

The words 'life after death' bring amazing hope. What does it mean in our lives today to know Jesus rose again and we can too?


Spiritual gifts are the grace of God at work within us, given to build and strengthen the church, empowering us to meet the needs of others.


Discover how we can receive God's supernatural power in our lives, our homes, our relationships and in our church.

New Year, Fresh Start

New . . . Images of freshness, like a new fallen snow, fill our hearts and minds. Begin the New Year in hope, as God gives us a fresh start.

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