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Cross of Glory Church - Building Use Request

Groups requesting to use the facility should expect to do all set-up and take-down for their events (if not using a standard set-up). The Office Manager will contact you if there will be an extra fee for groups requesting Cross of Glory's custodian to provide set-up and other custodial services.

We are not accepting requests for:

  • New outside groups
  • Friday evenings or Saturdays (with the exception of weddings and funerals)
  • Personal events such as birthday and anniversary parties

 Building Use Expectations

  • Set up and take down all tables and chairs
         Rectangle tables are located in the janitor’s closet next to the Glory Café.
         Round tables are located in Adult Ministry Room 3 closet.
         Chair racks are located in the closets at the south end of the Glory Café (if not set out).

  • Wipe down tables and large spills

  • Vacuum carpet (if necessary)

  • Remove garbage bags from cans and put in new liners (available in janitor's closet)
    Full bags should be placed in the janitor's closet (not the dumpster).

  • Arrange to pick up a key in advance through the Office Manager (if needed)

  • Please do NOT serve beverages with red or pink dye. They stain the Glory Café floor.

  • Maintain building security during the event

  • Turn off all lights and ensure doors are locked at the end of the event

 Maintaining Building Security

  • By having a set of keys or by being a group organizer you assume responsibility for the security of the building.
  • It is best to wait by the front door until everyone in your group has arrived.
  • Once you have locked the door we suggest posting a sign at the entrance with a cell phone # of someone in your group so a latecomer can reach someone in your party.
  • As a key holder/group organizer, it is your responsibility to go through the building and check the doors and turn off lights (including hallways and restrooms).  If there is another event going on in the building, please make sure the lights are off in your area.

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